Wymo Pool Hoist

Wymo Pool Hoist



Every pool should have access for everybody and the Wymo Pool Access hoist is a brilliant solution.

The Pool Access Hoist is specifically designed for those who need assistance to enter and exit the pool and wants to share the therapy that the water can bring, this hoist is for somebody who finds it difficult the enter and exit a pool. The hoist has a stainless steel post, carriage, baseplate and winch box.

The hoist works by the swimmer transferring to the seat from a wheelchair or scooter. The swimmer is pivoted around the post and over the pool; the carer presses down on the switch box and lowers the swimmer until he/her swims off the seat. To raise the swimmer he/her just swims onto the seat and the carer presses up on the switch box and the swimmer is raise from the pool and pivoted back over the side of the pool for easy transfer to his/her wheelchair.

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