TK Access Flow

TK Access Flow


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TK Access brings us the award winning Flow curved stair lift.

The Flow is known as the most advanced/modern curved stair lift currently on the market.

Flow is able to be custom shaped to fit stairs that are Thin or have awkward corners with ease.

Using a photographic survey it will be a perfect fit every time.

Each staircase requires an onsite inspection to give an accurate quote.

The TK Access Flow is able to be fitted to any stairs that are:

  • Curved
  • Have a landing
  • Multiple runs
  • Spiral

Custom TK Access Flow Stair Lift features:

  • Upholstery and rail┬ácolour choice to suit your decor
  • Single tube rail
  • Automatic Swivel
  • Programmable Speed (9 Stage) and Seat Rotation provides the ultimate fit for your stairs no matter the shape.
  • We can adjust settings so that the lift will be slower around obstacles and corners and then be able to increase speed on straight sections.
  • Compact space saving design
  • Can be perfect for stairs starting in a corridor by using a drop down tube start.
  • Easy to use controls and 2x remotes included
  • Made in Netherlands



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