Philips SimplyGo

Philips SimplyGo


SimplyGo concentrator is the latest in portable oxygen technology from Philips.

The SimplyGo is the first concentrator at only 4.5kg that is able to deliver oxygen via both continuous and pulse flow methods.

Simplygo is a true all-rounder by being able to supply oxygen for your daytime activities as well as use at night for sleep.

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Continuous Flow

Continuous flow is able to work in conjunction with other devices such as CPAP and is generally preferred for sleeping duties.

SimplyGo can be set at settings from 0.5lpm up to 2lpm and generally used while connected to a power source via your Car Charger or Wall Charger.

Pulse Flow

Each time you inhale, the SimplyGo will release a pulse dose of oxygen through your nasal cannula. Pulse Flow is a more economical method as it only needs to produce oxygen for the inhalation stage of the breathing cycle.

This gives longer battery life during periods when you are mobile.

SimplyGo is able to produce oxygen for 1lpm up to 6lpm dosage sizes which covers 99% of oxygen therapy users.

Sleep Mode

Sleep mode is also available for settings 1lpm up to 6lpm via a more sensitive pulse dose. SimplyGo has an inbuilt override so that if you do not receive a pulse dose within 60 seconds it will switch to continuous mode.


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