Meditek 140 Outdoor/Indoor Stair Lift

Meditek 140 Outdoor/Indoor Stair Lift


Download the Meditek 140 Outdoor Indoor Stair Lift brochure

Meditek 140 are a high quality unit from the U.K.

Able to carry up to 160kg they have one of the highest user capacities on the market.

We highly recommend a Meditek for any outdoor installations due to the lifts great past record of dealing with the harsh Australian climate.

Toggle or Remote Control Operation


Control of your MediTek stairlift can be effected either by use of a simple, user-friendly joystick located in the arm of your choice, or alternatively the stairlift can be controlled remotely by means of an infra-red hand-held transmitter that requires no unsightly control boxes or cables.

The MediTek stairlift contains electronic circuits to control the ride, this means that there is no jolting or lurching of the stairlift as it starts or ends its travel. This gives a smooth ride throughout, adding to the feeling of safety and stability.

Stairlifts with Swivel Seat


The MediTek 140 stairlift has a swivel seat, this locks in three positions, forward for normal travel and either 45 or 85 degrees to make mounting and dismounting from the stairlift easy and safe. The stairlift will not operate unless the seat is in the forward position this ensures your safety.

The seat base, footrest and arm rests of the MediTek 140 fold up to ensure that the stairlift is compact when not in use, ensuring minimum intrusion in to the staircase.

Touch Sensitive Safety Covers


As standard the MediTek 140 comes complete with touch sensitive safety covers which are designed to prevent trapping hazards. Should the stairlift make contact with any obstruction on the stairwell, in either direction, movement of the covers will result in the immediate suspension of travel in that direction. The stairlift will still travel in the opposite direction to allow the obstruction to be removed.

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