Low Rise Platform Lift

Low Rise Platform Lift


Low rise platform lift is able to raise a person between ground level to heights of 1500mm
Pandect Lifts are designed to overcome accessibility barriers with client’s needs and safety foremost.

The range of Safety features (subject to model and environment) includes:

  • Anti-entrapment blind to secure the underside of the lift
  • Anti-entrapment walls
  • Platform barrier arm – locked during travel
  • Retractable entry ramp – locked during travel
  • Installation that avoids any ‘pinch points’ as the lift travels
  • Interlocked gate or barrier arm at upper landing
  • Interlocked door at lower and/or upper landing
  • Emergency manual lowering valve
  • Emergency stop button and audible alarm
  • Communication facility
  • Battery operated (up to 20 lifts in event of mains power failure)


Low Rise • Platform Lifts are manufactured to Australian Standards, disability codes and recommendations.

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