Gulliver Lift

Gulliver Lift

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Images: (above and below) the HE 3 GULLIVER in an in-home environment installation


Total solution to get you between floors in your home or business place

Able to travel up to 15m in total height with up to 6 floors it is a perfect choice.

Each lift is tailor-made to suit your requirements with a large range of options to suit your décor.

Perfect for indoor or outdoor situations, a contemporary Gulliver Home Lift can add substantial value to your property as well your lifestyle.



HE 3 Gulliver Lift

HE 3 is now available with automatic sliding car doors or with automatic folding doors, which allow you to have a function very similar to that of a traditional lift.

In addition to ensuring maximum safety, a cabin with sliding doors ensures whisper quiet comfort in your travels.

A single press of the button, either from the modern in-cabin controls or from the call buttons on each doorway the platform will move to the desired floor.

A wide range of possible configurations is to satisfy any request in compliance with all regulations in the field of accessibility.

The finishes are varied, you can choose between sliding doors or auto swing doors in panoramic glass or opt for the stainless steel.

Any of the infinite range of International RAL colors are available to you so that your new lift will be a showpiece to your home.

Download the Gulliver Vertical Platform Lift brochure

The various finishes available and the quality of the materials used allow to you enrich the aesthetics of your living environment.

Contact us for a quote via onsite visit or floor plans.

The HE 3 GULLIVER an outdoor installation

The HE 3 GULLIVER features an outdoor installation

HE 3 Gulliver Lift Features

Tailor-made solutions

The strength of Gulliver lies in its versatility: it is designed and built to fit right into any environment, be it public or private, outdoors or indoors. Thanks to its modular elements can be installed even in the smallest of spaces.

Easy to install and use

Additional advantages of Gulliver include easy installation and use: the modular elements enable a quick and efficient install process. Once Installed the lift can be used easily through its polished stainless control buttons and stylish metallic accents.


With a rich and varied selection of accessories, you can make your own unique lift. Cabins are available in different colours, or stainless steel, matching shafts in natural crystal, satin or smoked colours, for doors you can choose between solid or glass solutions; a wide range of choice for the floors.

Attention to detail and reliability

Gulliver represents the evolution of easy to order lifts. Designed to be suitable for all types of dimensions, with an availability of over 71 standard floor sizes. Floors are covered with natural crystals and coloured in VISARM 10/11, with blind panels of sheet metal or laminate. Completely personalise with over 100 different shaft colours.

HE 3 Gulliver Lift Specifications

HE 3 Gulliver Lift exterior look

Exterior finish structural galvanised beams with safety glass.

Exterior Finish

Structural galvanised beams with Safety glass VISARM 10/11 or with solid panels in choice of colour


Maximum 15.1 meters maximum number of 6 stops

Power Supply

230 ± 10% V, 50 Hz single phase with a ground.


Up to 400 kg.


0.15 m / s with acceleration / deceleration

Wall width

Minimum 730 mm


Lifting by hydraulic cylinder with rod and chain referral

Safety devices

Emergency Stop Button on board; locks with safety switches for door locks, electric auxiliary in a case of a black out-return plan and unlocking doors; instantaneous safety gear, load control device, switch with a self-leveling floor.


CE, TÜV responsive to DM 236, 14/06/89, Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and EN81-41

HE 3 Gulliver Lift Interior Look

The HE 3 Gulliver Lift Control Panel

The Control Panel

The HE 3 Gulliver Interior Look - The Cabin

The Cabin


Interior Look – A Home Lift

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