The COMPACT DEL-002 is a walk-in bathtub, with a seat, retractable hand shower, and a completely waterproof door. At about twice the depth of regular bathtubs, you can safely submerge your body while sitting down.

The bathtub is easy to enter, making it ideal for anyone who has trouble manoeuvring in small spaces.

The water massage jets can be turned on and off with the press of abutton.

TheCOMPACT DEL-002  made from colourfast woven Fiberglas, which is extremely durable and will not chip or scratch.

The bathtub door folds completely out of the way and it is extremely easy and safe to enter and exit.

The COMPACT DEL-002  will fit in virtually any bathroom. (115.82cm Long ) The standard plumbing hook-ups familiar to any plumber or experienced installer, and all necessary plumbing fixtures are included with the tub.

Product Description and Spec. Sheet:

  • Constant temperature faucet
  • Showerhead
  • Drainage catcher
  • Waterfall inlet
  • Unit plumbing included


Outer Dimension:L115.82cm x W66.04cm x H95.25cm.

  • HP Water pump with
    • 6 jets air pump 1hp
    • 16 jets heater pump 1500 w
  • Purge cycle to remove residual water from the lines. The cycle will begin after your pushing one purge button and will continue for 5minutes.
  • Person: 1
  • Water volume: 85 L
  • Water pump: 1HP, AC 220 – 240V / 50 – 60Hz;
  • Air pump  1hp
  • Heated pump 1500 w
  • 16 Air jet. 6 Water jet
  • All pipes for whirlpool drain when tub is drained – improves sanitation
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