Mr White’s Platinum Curve Refurbished Stair Lift

09 Dec Mr White’s Platinum Curve Refurbished Stair Lift

A curved stair lift is required for any stairs with a landing, bend or curve. Currently we sell the popular Platinum Curve and also the Award winning Flow model from TK Access.

A curved stair lift will get you from the the bottom to the top of your stairs without fuss or risk of injury.

Included is a pair of remote controls so that you can use the lift between two or more people. This also enables you to be able to bring up shopping,washing or any other items aswell.

In most cases they are fitted to the stair-treads rather than the wall, so there is no building mess or damage to your décor. Both models have been designed to make it easy to install and should not take more than a couple of hours.

Because they are attached to the treads they are easily removed if required in the future and will leave little trace.

Each staircase is individual so an onsite quote is required. Call us anytime to arrange a no obligation quote.

Another happy customer with a curved stairlift.


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