Health Benefits of Massage and Heat

07 Dec Health Benefits of Massage and Heat


Therapeutic wave massage and the application of heat are two of the oldest healing treatments known to mankind….

You have the option of including massage as an extra health and comfort feature in any of the lift chair and adjustable bed ranges.

Many health conditions will benefit from the relaxing effect of massage:

  • Arthritus
  • Blood Circulation
  • High and Low blood Pressure
  • Insomnia
  • Back Pains

The massage motors operate quietly and both the frequency and intensity of the waves can be adjusted to suit your individual comfort level.

Massage improves circulation and helps promote better oxygenation of the tissues. People with restricted movement owing to a medical condition or age will gain considerable health benefits from the inclusion of massage into any of the Easycare adjustable bed and chair range.

The application of heat can also have great benefit in relieving muscular aches and pains and sore joints. Heat pads can be built in as an optional extra to any of the Easycare adjustable beds and chairs. The luxurious comfort of any Tilt-n-Lift  Electric Easycare Chair can be enhanced  with the addition of foot and or back massage and  heat units. The Tilt-n-Lift Sleeping Chair can also be significantly enhanced with the incorporation of massage and heat functionality as many people spend much of their day in a chair.

Our adjustable bed range also gives you the choice of including massage motors and heat pads to give you that added comfort.

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