Benefits Of An Electric Adjustable Bed After Hip Surgery

07 Dec Benefits Of An Electric Adjustable Bed After Hip Surgery

Our  electric adjustable beds provide welcome relief and assist many people on their return home and recovery from hip surgery.

The  electric adjustable bed allows you to elevate either the foot or the head separately or both together to give you maximum comfort for sleep or rest throughout the day.

With our large adjustable mattress range, we are able to customise the mattress to suit your body size and requirements. All adjustable mattress models promote pressure relief, improving circulation and reducing muscle and joint stiffness.

The Hi-Lo adjustable bed provides the same functionality as the  adjustable bed with the added capacity of height adjustment from the floor to bed base between 310mm to 610mm. This makes it easier for you to get in and out of bed as well as easier for anyone who may be providing professional care such as a physiotherapist.With the adjustable bed set in a low position you will be able to get into bed with greater ease than usual.

When getting out of your hi-lo adjustable bed, you can raise the back rest to be able to sit up. Once sitting up you can swing your legs around to be in seated position on the side of the bed. The bed is able to rise lifting you to your feet. A side pole is also recommended to provide a firm fixture to grip.

The Hi-Lo Easy-care electric adjustable bed is a must for anyone having difficulty getting in and out of bed after surgery or suffering other health problems and also assists carers and other health workers to provide professional care.

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